New Roof

Roofing Experts 1:38 pm

Inspect flashing around your fireplace chimney

Roofing Experts 1:38 pm

A leaking chimney can create all types of problems. Not only to just your roof but also the attic and indoor walls. To ensure that your chimney and home is protected, Eastbrook Construction builds a chimney flashing, a sheet metal installed for the purpose of protecting the watertight connection between chimney and roof, around your […]

How a New Roof Saves on Energy Costs

Roofing Experts 4:16 pm

These days, many of us are looking for different ways to make our homes more energy efficient. Every year, homeowners spend more and more money on adding energy efficient windows to help reduce the amount of energy being used. Although that is great, some, however, tend to overlook one of the biggest impacts on saving […]

Need a New Roof? Budget Your Tax Return!

Roofing Experts 1:38 pm

We have had our first few decent snowfalls causing ice or snow accumulation. This is typically the time of year you begin to realize it may be time for a new roof. Winter may have wrecked havoc on your aging roof, and you have finally decided this is the year you will replace your roof. […]

Proper Roof Venting For Your New Roof

Roofing Experts 5:26 pm

Roof venting is designed to prevent hot air and moisture from getting into attics. There’s a great variety of vent types that are created to perform similar tasks. However, each vent type is different from the other. This leads us to the most common question asked, when talking about roofing vents: what IS the “best” […]

Increasing Home Value With A New Roof

Roofing Experts 2:22 pm

Home construction that will pay off We here at Eastbrook construction want to give you some handy tips and tricks and advice from our blog. We’ll write a little bit about how you can get the most value out of your roofing project, a new roof or how to maintain and take care of the […]