The right shingles to protect your roof and insulate your home

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The right shingles to protect your homeIt is very important to have the right roof shingles, especially in the Michigan Summer. The right roof shingles can protect your home from many things. Shingles provide wind resistance, heat resistance, and algae resistance to your roof. However, without the right kind of shingles, your roof is left vulnerable to the elements.

DIY vs Professional Roofer

Hiring an experienced roofer is very important. Compared to a DIY, or do-it-yourself, roofer, there are many advantages such as safety, time, experience, and the end-product. 

  • Safety

Building a roof can be dangerous, especially for DIY roofers. Because most asphalt shingles reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, the roof is very hot while the attic underneath remains relatively cool. Therefore, the surface of the shingles remains very hot. Professional roofers are used to the heat and how to handle it. New DIY roofers are more in danger because of the deceptively cool looking shingles. Also, experienced roofers are used to walking on the sloped roofs of houses. Inexperienced roofers can fall and get severely injured or even killed.

  • Time and Experience

The time taken to build or fix a roof is directly related to experience. An experienced contractor already knows how to build a roof and in a reasonable time period. Not only will a professional contractor take less time to complete your roof but they will also do a more seamless job.

  • End-Product

Right Shingles To Protect Your Roof

Professional contractors build roofs and replace shingles for a living. They know how to correctly build a roof in a timely manner and have it look good. The end-product of a professional roofer will look a lot better than a DIY roofer’s end-product.

If you want to make your next roof look good for a longer time, we recommend CTA or GAF shingles. By using these brands, your investment will add beauty and value to your home. For your next roof repair or replacement choose the local contractors here at Eastbrook Construction. We’ve got your back! Get your free quote and contact us today!

Is It Time For A New Roof?

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roof inspection for hail damage

Asphalt shingles with hail damage.

Now that Winter is over, you should take the time to get your roof checked out. Winter weather in Michigan is brutal and it may have damaged your roof. Snow, sleet, and hail can cause holes to appear in the roof shingles or leakage through shutters.

It seems like it’s been raining every day. Recently a homeowner called their window company because they noticed water around their window. They thought it was the seal on the window, but were told the window was fine. It turned out that a shingle had been pushed back and water streamed along some flashing on wood that bordered a window. Luckily they called us for an inspection and a minor repair took care of it.

If you have any leaks or suspect damage in your roof, contact us today!

How Long a Roof Lasts in Michigan

Luckily, our customer didn’t need a new roof. Age, weather conditions and location of a home have a lot to do with how long a roof will last. You can even see the difference between Michigan counties! Homes on wooded lots in Brighton or Howell may get more wear than those closer together in a Novi neighborhood. When you’re in the 15-20 year time frame and suspect problems, get a free roof inspection by a reputable roofer. You still may have many years before needing a new roof.

You may already know that it’s time for a new roof and just want to get an inspection to confirm or get an estimate for replacement. When its time, doing it smartly and with a local roofer can be a relatively painless experience.

Benefits of Getting a New Roof

There are several benefits of getting a new roof. From appearances to functions, getting a new roof can make your house so much better.

  • Energy Efficiency

A new roof can save money on cooling and heating bills. During the Winter, heat escapes through a deteriorating roof which in turn causes your heating bills to be higher in cost. With a new roof, your Spring and Summer can be cool and less expensive!

  • Greater Safety

An old roof can be dangerous. Water leaks in your house can cause mold which can pollute the air in the household. Older roofs are also more prone to pest and animal invasions that can invade your home.

  • Increases the Value of Your Home

Are you looking to sell your house? A stable new roof can improve the resale value of your home as well as attracting potential home buyers.

  • Better Appearance

Along with the many other benefits, a new roof can greatly improve the appearance of your house. Different colored shingles can enhance the look of your home and make it look years younger.

Choosing a Local Roofer

Of course, we hope you choose Eastbrook Construction. We repair or replace roofs for people in the Brighton, Howell, Novi and other communities in or near Southeastern Michigan. Call us today at 248-877-9247 or request a free quote on your roof.  If you’ve been thinking about your roof don’t wait! Now is the time to schedule an appointment for a free inspection and/or quote.

Cleaning Moss & Algae Off Your Roof

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Cleaning Moss & Algae off your roof

Moss is a small flowerless green plant which lacks true roots, that grows in damp habitats and reproduces by means of spores released from stalked capsules. Algae is typically an aquatic plant that grows in damp environments. Because moss and algae thrive and reproduce in damp and shady environments, it can sometimes appear on a roof. It specifically appears on the north side of a roof, as the north side receives the least amount of sun, or under tree branches that overhang a roof. Over time, moss and algae can damage a roof and can cause it to degrade.

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Roof Types for Michigan’s Climate

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When it comes to selecting the proper roofing materials or roofing design for your home, it is important to take into consideration the type of climate that you live in. The same type of materials you use for a hot, dry climate will not be the same for those who reside in Michigan’s colder, bi-polar climate. Roof types for Michigan’s climate differ from those in areas that are warm and dry year round.

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Inspect flashing around your fireplace chimney

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Inspect flashing around your fireplace chimney

A leaking chimney can create all types of problems. Not only to just your roof but also the attic and indoor walls. To ensure that your chimney and home is protected, Eastbrook Construction builds a chimney flashing, a sheet metal installed for the purpose of protecting the watertight connection between chimney and roof, around your fireplace chimney.

They cut an 8×8 inch sheet of aluminum, make 1/2 bends up and work underneath counter flashing and under every shingle. This is done in such a way that it will never need tar and will not leak. We fix it once and you never have to get it fixed again!

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