Roof Types for Michigan’s Climate

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When it comes to selecting the proper roofing materials or roofing design for your home, it is important to take into consideration the type of climate that you live in. The same type of materials you use for a hot, dry climate will not be the same for those who reside in Michigan’s colder, bi-polar climate. Roof types for Michigan’s climate differ from those in areas that are warm and dry year round.

Common Roof Types for Michigan Climateasphalt shingles used by roofers in Michigan

Michigan experiences both wet and dry moments throughout the year. You may even see all four seasons in one day, you never know what you are going to get with Michigan weather. Because of this, many homeowners or builders use asphalt shingles as their preferred roofing material. With this being said, you may notice that 99% of homes in Michigan have a sloped roof. When using asphalt shingles, it is recommended to have a pitch of at least 4/12 with a minimum requirement of 2/12. For homes, a slope is very important to allow water to run off of your roof. Standing water can cause damage or leaks to your home, which can become very costly. There are other materials that are not as commonly used for Michigan’s climate, including:

  • Solar Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Slate Roofing

Roofing in Dry, Warmer Climates

Even though this isn’t typically a Michigan thing, we can draw a contrast by mentioning roofing in warmer areas.  In areas that do not experience much moisture, or are prone to extreme heat other materials are necessary. Asphalt shingles may not hold up in an area that constantly hits temperatures above 100 degrees, they would melt. Also, if there is no rain or melting snow, a slope is not necessary. Common roofing materials used in dry and hot climates include:

  • Clay or Terracotta Shingles
  • Cement Roofing
  • White Tiles
  • Green Living Roofing

roofing in warmer climates vs colder

When selecting materials to use in hot temperature areas, keep in mind that they not only need to withstand the extreme temperatures but are often selected to help cool down the inside of your home.

Need help to select your roofing type or materials? We can help!

Let us answer any questions that you may have about roofing in Michigan (the colder climate). If you are in need of a new roof, roof repairs, or anything else that pertains to roofing in Michigan, contact us today!

Inspect flashing around your fireplace chimney

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Inspect flashing around your fireplace chimney

A leaking chimney can create all types of problems. Not only to just your roof but also the attic and indoor walls. To ensure that your chimney and home is protected, Eastbrook Construction builds a chimney flashing, a sheet metal installed for the purpose of protecting the watertight connection between chimney and roof, around your fireplace chimney.

They cut an 8×8 inch sheet of aluminum, make 1/2 bends up and work underneath counter flashing and under every shingle. This is done in such a way that it will never need tar and will not leak. We fix it once and you never have to get it fixed again!

Roof vents and other areas to inspect in addition to flashing

Fireplace chimney flashing must be replaced if there are areas that are missing or eroded. And in older houses, most metals used were not of the best quality. If the flashing is rusted or compromised, it could affect the safety of your roof vents, by harming the metal or creating a mold, and the woodwork of the walls.

When your chimney flashing is expired, many areas need to be inspected. The attic can be invaded and perhaps even the ceilings. Devastating moisture is known to cause roof damage, dangerous attic conditions, and drywall damage to your ceilings. The best action to take is calling us to get a free estimate. Keep your family same from harmful components of failed chimney flashing.

Do you need to replace your roof?

Now, before winter, is the best time to get your roof inspected, repaired or replaced. You want your roof nice and secure before the cold winter season. Heavy winter snow can affect the foundations, branches can be thrown into the roof when the wind blows, and the wrath following in the spring hails even greater issues to the already unstable roof. The best thing to do is to have one of our Eastbrook Construction contractors come out to inspect your roof and give you a free estimate.

We will repair or replace any problems we find in the roof at an affordable price! This will allow you to feel safer during the Michigan winter and will alleviate any worries for at least another decade after we fix it. Call today to for a roof repair or replacement to get a free estimate!


After inspecting, you may find out you need a new roof. A lot is based on how old the roof is of course. If the issue is shingle-related it might even be under warranty depending on the brand of shingle and the quality. But we understand how vicious Michigan weather can be against property.

If you have an issue, we will fix it! You can fill out a form about your damage and we will either replace it or restore it depending on severity. With us here at Eastbrook Construction, you never have to worry about being abandoned after your roof suffers damage. We stand by our services and we provide support through our generous warranties. Check out our page for more information.


Costs can vary from company to company, so getting an on-roof inspection and locking in a firm estimate is important. Thankfully, Eastbrook Construction provides free estimates and quotes on any concerns about your roof that you may have. Contact us today to set up a FREE no-hassle quote and consultation with one of our roofing experts.

Fall Roof Inspections and Installation Specials!

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NOW is the best time to get your roof inspected before the winter months ahead. Whether you know you need roof repairs or a new roof installed; Eastbrook Construction can help you get your home in shape. With our fall roof inspections and Pre-Winter Roof Installation Specials, you’ll want to put us at the top of your fall clean-up list!

Specials on all New Roof Installation

It’s no secret among roofers, we’re heading into our slow season. Being slow for us, means great savings for you! As we said there are many good reasons for you to get a new roof and before winter and the biggest one is probably our specials on all new roof installations. We can do it fast and for less this time of year. Get your free inspection and estimate now!

Eastbrook Construction is your honest local roofing company located in Howell, MI. We offer free estimates for Brighton, Fenton, Hartland and many more of the surrounding areas. Providing affordable, top-quality roofs with a lifetime warranty on shingles, we make sure you are satisfied with your roof and our service!

Get your Roof Ready for winter with a Fall Roof Inspection

If you know you have minor repairs needed, get them fixed now! On the other hand, if you need a new roof installed; now is the best time before the winter hits. Roofs are vulnerable and winter is the harshest season; so make sure your home is prepared for it. An expert from Eastbrook Construction will schedule an appointment and come out to inspect your roof this fall. Once the data is analyzed by our professional roofers, they will go over your options. Whether it’s a simple roof repair or you need a roof replacement, Eastbrook can help you protect your roof and your family under it.

Take advantage of Eastbrook Construction’s Roof Installation Specials! Check out; decide whether you should repair or replace your roof. If now is the time to get a new residential roof installed on your house, take advantage of our Summer Blowout Roof Installation Prices!

Contact Eastbrook Construction to get a FREE Estimate on a new roof installation for your home. Get your roof inspected before the winter hits to avoid expensive repairs at the most difficult time.

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Events Around North West Oakland and Livingston Counties

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How has your summer been? We here at Eastbrook Construction have been enjoying all the great weather and all the events and outdoor activities around Metro Detroit. While we really don’t want to think about it, summer is almost over. August may be the last official month of summer, but we’re hoping for a warm September! Wanting to make the most out of the last month of summer we found some awesome events going on around Oakland and Livingston counties! We looked around Brighton, Howell, Fenton, Hartland, Highland to see what’s going on in August and after Labor day! We want to just jump into it, so let’s get going!

Events around North West Oakland and Livingston Counties August through Labor Day Into the Fall-

Howell Melon Festival

Aug 17th – 19th in Howell

For over 55 years Howell has been the host of the Melon Festival, this event includes a marathon run, live music, kids activities, chalk art contest, and of course melons!


Michigan Renaissance Festival

Aug. 18th – Sept 30th in Holly Mi.

One of the best events in Michigan. With themed weekend, vendors, costumes, and highland events, this isn’t one to miss! Check out all the events on their website:


Spicer Orchards Harvest Festival

Sept. 17th – 18th Spicer OrchardsSpicer Orchard Festival and Events

The best part of fall? Orchards and cider mills! Fenton’s Spicer Orchards has a Harvest Festival that includes a corn maze, old-fashioned kids play area, train rides, and BBQ!


Some Honorable Mentions:

Arts Beats and Eats

Friday, Aug. 31st through Labor day in downtown Royal Oak

If you like art, live music, and food this family-friendly event is for you.


Detroit Jazz Festival

Friday, Aug 31st through Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend in Downtown Detroit

If you like Jazz, being outdoors, and live music this event is for you!


No matter what you like to do outside of the house, make sure you’ve got what’s over your house covered. When your roof is leaking or needs to be replaced, contact Eastbrook construction for help! 

How a New Roof Saves on Energy Costs

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These days, many of us are looking for different ways to make our homes more energy efficient. Every year, homeowners spend more and more money on adding energy efficient windows to help reduce the amount of energy being used. Although that is great, some, however, tend to overlook one of the biggest impacts on saving energy in their home; new roofs. New energy efficient roofs have made it better for both one’s budget and the environment.

What’s the Point?

I could tell you that small fractures in your home could greatly reduce your home’s energy efficiency. I could also tell you that the holes above your head aren’t safe and could possibly cause a lot of damage.

But you probably already know that.

Here’s what you don’t know: the three most important words for roof energy efficiency are insulation, insulation and insulation. Because your roof receives direct sunlight mostly, the attic space right below it heats up the fastest–thus making it the hottest room in the whole house. While that doesn’t seem like an important problem, it could be. Keeping the heat from seeping into your home is key to energy efficiency. By installing insulation in your home, it will help to block out the heat. Ultimately, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run when you improve your home energy efficiency.

New Roof Reduces Energy Costs in Howell and BrightonNew energy efficient roof

Even though many people go the insulation route, hardly anyone ever considers installing a new roof together with it. There are many benefits to installing a new roof, but one that will forever stick is that it is a great investment. New lifetime guaranteed shingles get you there. Instead of trying to cover up a mess with an even bigger mess is pointless. We here at Eastbrook Construction make sure that we not only do a neat and thorough job but that our customers are satisfied. If your are looking for a new roof in Howell or Brighton area and are looking for a way to help reduce your bills this summer, contact us. We’ll get the job done.