Cleaning Moss & Algae Off Your Roof

Roofing Experts 9:27 am

Cleaning Moss & Algae off your roof

Moss is a small flowerless green plant which lacks true roots, that grows in damp habitats and reproduces by means of spores released from stalked capsules. Algae is typically an aquatic plant that grows in damp environments. Because moss and algae thrive and reproduce in damp and shady environments, it can sometimes appear on a roof. It specifically appears on the north side of a roof, as the north side receives the least amount of sun, or under tree branches that overhang a roof. Over time, moss and algae can damage a roof and can cause it to degrade.

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Roof Types for Michigan’s Climate

Roofing Experts 7:19 pm

When it comes to selecting the proper roofing materials or roofing design for your home, it is important to take into consideration the type of climate that you live in. The same type of materials you use for a hot, dry climate will not be the same for those who reside in Michigan’s colder, bi-polar climate. Roof types for Michigan’s climate differ from those in areas that are warm and dry year round.

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Inspect flashing around your fireplace chimney

Roofing Experts 1:38 pm

Inspect flashing around your fireplace chimney

A leaking chimney can create all types of problems. Not only to just your roof but also the attic and indoor walls. To ensure that your chimney and home is protected, Eastbrook Construction builds a chimney flashing, a sheet metal installed for the purpose of protecting the watertight connection between chimney and roof, around your fireplace chimney.

They cut an 8×8 inch sheet of aluminum, make 1/2 bends up and work underneath counter flashing and under every shingle. This is done in such a way that it will never need tar and will not leak. We fix it once and you never have to get it fixed again!

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Fall Roof Inspections and Installation Specials!

Roofing Experts 3:00 pm

NOW is the best time to get your roof inspected before the winter months ahead. Whether you know you need roof repairs or a new roof installed; Eastbrook Construction can help you get your home in shape. With our fall roof inspections and Pre-Winter Roof Installation Specials, you’ll want to put us at the top of your fall clean-up list! Continue reading

Events Around North West Oakland and Livingston Counties

Roofing Experts 3:56 pm

How has your summer been? We here at Eastbrook Construction have been enjoying all the great weather and all the events and outdoor activities around Metro Detroit. While we really don’t want to think about it, summer is almost over. August may be the last official month of summer, but we’re hoping for a warm September! Wanting to make the most out of the last month of summer we found some awesome events going on around Oakland and Livingston counties! We looked around Brighton, Howell, Fenton, Hartland, Highland to see what’s going on in August and after Labor day! We want to just jump into it, so let’s get going!

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